Can hamsters swim

If the smell of the hamster is distributed throughout the apartment, the owner thinks about that, can you bathe hamsters in water.Much more hamsters prefer to take sand baths.

The danger of water

A lot of stress

In nature, the hamster avoids immersion in water. When it touched it, the creature feels a strong overload of the nervous system. Never underestimate vulnerable to shocks nature decorative hamsters: pet can die from cardiac arrest.

If you can't decide if I love your hamsters to bathe, no doubt: they don't like. Just sometimes owners misinterpret the behavior of the pet, and then put online video that seems funny.


The water is the wrong temperature, wet fur after wash – lead to coldsand sometimes pneumonia. If during bathing the animal will freeze, his immune system weakens. Slightest draft of air can lead to the death of a small rodent.

Violation of protective layer of the skin

After washing, especially with shampoo, soap, disturbed the pH of the skin and its protective fatty layer. Even a single procedure sometimes causes dermatitis. They are constantly itchy, appear on the skin scratching and sores. Aktiviziruyutsya subcutaneous mitesif the hamster was a carrier of demodectic mange in "sleeping" form. Moist environment – the perfect conditions for the development of the fungus (ringworm).


Wet fur makes the animal very slippery, the pet can escape from hands and fall from a height. This should be considered in deciding how to bathe your hamster dzhungaria in the water. Struggling to escape, the animal injures foot hurt and scratched. When he pour the water, the rodent may bite the owner's hand. If the person is involuntarily throw the pet away, he will get seriously injured.

When you can do without water

All these risks must be taken into account when thinking about whether to wash the hamster. The reason for water treatment needs to be at least serious. In many situations you can do without having to drench hamster water:

The smell from the cage

Most often the source of the smell is not the animal and its habitat. Before you wash a pet, it is necessary to try to frequently change the litter and wash the cage and accessories with water and soap. Toilet corner cleaned daily and a complete change of the filler is carried out once a week.

Animals can smell stronger than usual in the period of sexual hunting. The smell will go away with the end of estrus, just wait a couple of days.

Unkempt hair

If the fur looks grotty, dirty, or stuck feces or the pieces of food, it's still not a reason to wash Jungaria. Sand bath to effectively cleanse the hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Such a bathe for a hamster provide a pleasant pastime and hygiene at the same time.

Local pollution

When such a problem as entangled in the hair, gum, candy, glue, facing long-haired animal, you should try to cut out affected area. The owners of Angora hamsters will agree that it is better to sacrifice the beauty of wool than Syrian hamsters to bathe in the water.

Heat stroke

Sometimes owners let the hamster swim, or substitute under a stream of cold water for the best of reasons – in order to cool the body if the pet has had a sunstroke. This is unacceptable in acute overheating, the temperature should be reduced gradually. Permissible moisten with cool water only ears and paws. The pet should be put on the tile or ceramic dish, and allow time to recover. There are many other methods to save the animal from heat, in addition to swimming.

Skin diseases

Veterinary doctor specializing in the treatment of rodents, may appoint as a treatment for parasites or by bathing with medicated shampoo. This is unreasonable because there are other forms of drugs (injection, spray) that do not involve risk to the life of the pet. In such a situation it would be correct to refer to rodentology for treatment.

The pre-training

The owners of long-haired angortsev sometimes argue about whether it is possible to wash a Syrian hamster to give silky and shiny hair. Bathing is required if hair is contaminated with urine and droppings, but this situation is out of the ordinary. She talks about the bad conditions of detention and infrequent changes of bedding.

The owners of short-haired dwarf individuals also ask whether you want to bathe hamsters in the case of the obvious odor from animal. Need, but to use not water, but sand.

Sand bath is a good way to keep their coat in order for all species of hamsters. Bathing sold in pet stores, although you can use any capacity. Gungari will love to lie on your back in a tub. The Syrians bathe otherwise RUB against the sides. It's not too much cost, and is very useful for pet.

A decorative rodents happily live his life without showering. But you can't deny that there are situations in which hamsters can be washed, even necessary. If inadvertently pet is in trouble, the owner will find useful information on how to bathe a hamster.

Bathing hamsters is justified in the following situations

Contamination of food

Hamsters are very clean. The owners love to see how to clean the hamsters. They always bring fur in order, licking and combing it. If the pet is dirty jam, honey, butter, mayonnaise and other liquid and sticky products, it is necessary to wash. Otherwise, starting to clean the hair, the rodent will eat forbidden foods. In the best case it will cause digestive upset or allergies, and at worst, the animal will die from poisoning.

If the contamination is fresh and not too strong, it is possible to wash hair by rubbing it with a damp cloth or cotton pad dampened with water. Sweet food readily eliminated this way, but to wash away the fatty foods, will have to lather the hair.

Toxic pollution

Immediately wash your furry pet will have when he gets on the fur of household chemicals (disinfectant, acetone, liquid for floor cleaning, bleach).

If the hamster needs to be cleaned, you need to follow some rules to do no harm to pet's health even more. How to bathe your hamster dzhungaria in water:

  • The animal should not swim or be fully submerged in water. The head remains dry, making sure no water gets in the ears.
  • Water should be a comfortable temperature, warm.
  • You cannot use ordinary Soaps and shampoos, they cause skin irritation.
  • Hamsters are not dried with a Hairdryer so as not to aggravate stress.
  • The room should be warm and without drafts.

You should prepare in advance all that you may need to avoid distractions during the process. If you ask a specialist how to bathe hamsters, the answer is quickly.

The list of required components for washing

1. Bowl

Wash the hamster in the sink – not the best option. It is better if the animal will be able to rely on my feet and not much slide. Bath for hamster – any sustainable capacity of small size.

Fill a bowl with lukewarm water (slightly above room temperature) 2 cm

2. Handy tools

If you just rinse the animal with water, holding the body with his hands, enough to clear coat use a rag or soft toothbrush. Wipe the muzzle, eyes, anus convenient pad.

3. Shampoo unscented

Only for special soiling (sticky or poisonous substance) use detergent. In the pet shop may not sell a special shampoo for hamsters, well, if I could buy detergent for rodents or rabbits. Human products (even for babies), it's best to use: they are designed for a different skin pH.

4. Hand towel, cloth for pet, paper towels

5. Treat

The food promotion will help to reduce stress levels and keep pet on hand long enough to wipe it. As a delicacy usually use juicy or protein food (chicken, fruit). The product must appeal to the animal.

6. Assistant

In order to redeem the hamster may require two people, so comfortable. Nimble little animals can not be released from the hands even for a moment. While the owner keeps the rodent, the assistant pours water, takes the towel.

Algorithm bathing

1. Wet

A rodent put on a flat surface and gently pour warm (30 C) water from a bucket or a mug. It is impossible to wet a head, or allow water in eyes, in the ears of a wild animal.

It is preferable not to expose the pet under a stream of water from the tap to avoid water temperature extremes and slippery shell.

2. Lather

Not to lather a shampoo in its purest form. A drop added to water, and have foam wash their hamster's fur. Fingers gently massaged the skin, not using a washcloth.

3. Rinse

After shampooing be sure to rinse the hair and skin to completely remove the detergent. If you rinse long enough, the animal will lick the soap after bathing, and get indigestion. Shampoo left on the skin, causing irritation and itching. It is better to avoid the use of detergents, but if I had to lather pet – do not be lazy once again to rinse it clean water.

4. Dry

Hamster wipe with a clean cloth (cotton diaper, bike). Then it is wrapped in dry cloth and kept on hand until dry. At this point, need to take a rodent delicacy.

Paper towels will quickly absorb moisture. Their conduct in the direction of hair growth, not ruffle the hair.

If you have to bathe long-haired Syrian hamster at home, you can try to dry it with a warm dryer. Any hamster, and jungert, and the Syrian may panic from the buzz of the appliance. Then the hair dryer will immediately turn off. Long hair combing with a toothbrush or a special brush.

After bathing, the temperature in the room where is the cage should be a little higher than normal, the drafts are unacceptable. You should allow the animal to hide in the house, and did not eject until it came out.


Sometimes the veterinarian decides whether Djungarian hamsters to bathe in the water. If unkempt fur is a sign of disease, then wash will not solve, but aggravate the problem. Water treatment – a tool for emergencies.

To avoid problems, release the hamster to walk in a balloon is not allowed on the table and keep a clean cage.

When bathing is necessary, it conducts the man who knows how to wash Djungarian hamsters in water. If you follow the rules, the harm will be minimal, and little pet will not suffer.

Can hamsters swim
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