Accustom the hamster to the wheel

Active by nature hamsters need to move in the home is not less than is the case in the vast field, where he used to live rodents.In such cases, save the hamsters running wheelthat allows you to run hundreds of meters per day. However, animals are not always willing to accept the trainer, ignoring the Jogging. About why hamster runs in the wheel and how to teach, explain below.

Find out the causes of failure of the hamster

First we need to understand why the hamster runs in the wheel:

  1. the problem in the design or fastening of a wheel;
  2. not properly size-wheel;
  3. level of fixing of the wheel is not comfortable for the hamster;
  4. the noise when the wheel rotates;
  5. the risk of injury to a hamster;
  6. the age and health of the pet.

We now turn to a more detailed consideration of each cause. So, perhaps the problem is in the simulator, so you need to check for fixing. Carefully inspect the device for strength and proper fit. A rickety structure or too large distance between the rods on the running surface may not like the rodent and it will refuse to run. Secure the wheel stronger on the surface and create a path of cardboard to the legs of the hamster did not fail, do not get stuck during movement.

Pay attention to the size of the device. Maybe the hamster running on the wheel because of its small diameter. For the Syrian rodent wheel must be at least 18 cm in circumference, for the Junggar – not less than 12 cm Small size will not allow the animal to move freely, forcing him to abandon active pursuits. It is important to take into account the material from which made the wheel. Some hamsters do not like metal products, preferring plastic, the other – on the contrary.

Inspect the level with the wheel. If the mount is on the wall of the cage, try to delete the simulator above or below, depending on the size of the rodent. One of the reasons ignore this inconvenience getting inside Jogging margins. Make access free, remove possible obstacles in the form of a house or feeders.

Among the reasons leading to the abandonment wheels, maybe his scriptcast and potential danger. If the wheel metal was creaking, grease it a little vegetable oil for silent movement. Loud sounds may not like the hamster, badly affecting the emotional background, which ultimately leads to the rejection of the use of the equipment.

Check how close the axis of rotation to the running surface. If the distance is too small, causing the trauma of a rodent, adjust or replace wheel the new high quality option. It is not excluded that during the movement of the hamster could pinch or hurt the feet, discouraging any desire to run again in a dangerous subject.

Pay attention to your pet's health, whether he is healthy. He may have passed the stage of old age and ceased to be active by natural causes. In this case, the animal runs rarely and briefly, showing the clumsiness and sluggishness. Don't worry about his passivity and to persuade him to run, luring in the wheel of tasty treats.

If you have only recently acquired a wheel and all the above conditions are met, then leave the rodent for a few days and observe his behaviour. As soon as the animal get used to a new object, it will start to show interest in "toys". It is advisable to observe your pet at night, which accounts for its peak. If the animal continues to pass by the trainer or stopped running it for some unknown reason, you can try to teach Jungaria or representative of another breed to cross country to wheel in several ways.

Teach a rodent to the active engagement

Great help in how to teach a hamster to the wheel will become his favorite food. Watch out for the pet to find out his gastronomic preferences. Then place a favorite treat inside a Jogging wheel, and observe the behavior of the ward. The smell of food will cause the rodent to climb inside a simulator to find flavorful bite. Such tricks should be done as long as the animal is not accustomed to run. Pieces of food with every new approach must be placed at the level above, causing the hamster to turn the wheel, climbing up.

If the favorite food is not prompted pet to action, using the method of overlap of the entrance. For this you will need a piece of plywood or thick cardboard, which need to block the exit from the wheel while the hamster is inside. The inability to go outside will cause the rodent to actively look for ways to get out, moving around the wheel. To apply the method to a few times, forcing the animal to run around inside the drum. After a few treatments the rodents to fully develop, you begin to understand the principle of operation of the simulator and enjoy the new "toy".

Alternative cross-country wheel

If these measures do not awakened in the pet desires to turn the wheel, then it is better to give him a full replacement. Despite the natural needs for active travel, are among the hamsters of bright individuals who completely ignore the trainer. These hamsters do not like running in a wheel, regardless of the material to its performance or the convenience of the location.

Alternatively, donate or make with your own hands the exercise ball to your pet to move inside the apartment. Hamsters are willing to use this item, providing them an active way of life and freedom of movement with protection from external danger.

Walking ball, hamster opens a large area for running and research areas that are attractive to rodents. By the way, the movement in a ball sometimes helps to how to teach a hamster running in a wheel, if other methods were powerless. For an unknown reason, the opinion of the rodent on the drum changes, resulting in active use of "toys".


Accustom the hamster to the wheel
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