The correct selection and use of walking hamster ball

The greater part of his life Pets hamsters spend in a cage, but physical activity is very important for them, so the kid need to release the walk.And in the cage the kid runs through the tunnels and slides, bypasses several times "their possession", spinning wheel, twisting miles. Energy is a necessary part of the lives of these nimble animals. Run in the ball more interesting and more complicated than the wheel – the child quickly gets tired, and will sleep in the nest.

What ball?

The wheel is almost all rodents, but it may not fully cope with the overabundance of energy. Hamster ball– hard fashion accessory, it needs to ensure that the hamster could embark on a journey around the apartment.

Working principle: the hamster is placed inside, close the door. Animal runs and rolls the ball.

The hamster ball is a transparent or translucent sphere with a round hole that a rodent could get inside. A round hole is closed by a door of the same shape.

The material of manufacture is plastic. With the help of this device, the baby may not be limited to expanses of native cells, and with interest to explore all the rooms of your home. Hamster ball is a good way to walk around and not get lost.


The hamster ball allows your baby to safely navigate the apartment – a rodent will not fall, not fail, not get hurt, also can not bear the damage to the apartment. Because if you let a toddler "free floating", it can chew wires, things safely hide and cause other inconveniences.

Not every homyakovo knows how to teach a hamster to run in the ball, but if you do, the baby will be able to expand the boundaries, exploring not only the enclosed area of the bath, playpen, but all of your home. Many hamsters like to walk in the ball, but for security purposes, do not leave your baby in it for long. That should know, all your family members to inadvertently occur.

The main advantage is that pet will be able to visit all the rooms of the apartment, does not damage to property.

Important question – cost. Product available in the market and is inexpensive. Of course, for a ruble you will not find a ball for the Djungarian hamster, but for 150-200 rubles, quite!

Important: balls to walk there is a wide range, but you need to choose the one which most air holes.


When buying a hamster ball, keep it well ventilated. Baby can be carried out within no more than 15 – 20 minutes, otherwise he might suffocate in the process of running the ball for a walk heats up and the air gets a little – as a rule, the accessory is equipped with several small holes. Cases are known when the rodents were inside the bowl for several hours, resulting died. This occurred for various reasons, but mostly from overheating and lack of air. During this time, the animal can overcome thirst or hunger, but to get out of "prison" he can't.

The hamster in the ball fulfills its physiological needs, which are in the process of running through the vents scattered around the apartment – will have to clean up. One more thing: in the operation of the mounts wear out, so in a "perfect" day of the hamster ball might just fly away while walking and small animal start free swimming.

How to choose the right accessory?

The dimensions of the ball for hamsters depend on the species of rodent: the Syrian hamster you need to buy a accessory more, Jungaria – less. You can order a ball for hamsters different sizes: standard diameters:

  • 13 cm is a compact walking ball for Dzungaria;
  • 18 sm – universal option;
  • 29 and 33 cm – big model, a ball for a Syrian hamster fit perfectly.

Consider the size of the pet if the animal is large, and you will have a too small ball, the hamster will run from a curved back. But in the extreme fall is not worth it, too free accessory your baby will throw in hand, this will negatively affect his health.

Available for sale pleasure balls for hamsters of different models. A large part of the market is occupied by products in the form of a hollow sphere, which moves freely in any direction, it sets animal. But you can find a model with a track that sets the trajectory. This is convenient because the crumbs will move on a certain route, and is within the field of view of the owner. This trip is the best option, which solves the problem of activity of the animal, and because it is inexpensive, fits and owners.

How much is the exercise ball for hamsters depends on the model – give preference to the most transparent accessory with good ventilation to allow air passes freely. Color scheme is at your discretion. Many people are buying transparent to the traveler saw something in his path. This concern was pleasantly surprised, but do not forget that the best hamsters "see mustache", the best they have working sense of smell. To buy an accessory is not necessary if you know at least a little tinkering, you can do walking hamster ball with their hands.

How to teach a toddler to active walks?

That baby loved the trip, it is necessary to accustom to a ball. Do it gradually, leaving the home within a few minutes, gradually increasing the duration of the procedure. Watch the pet "exercise" should he really likes, otherwise it makes no sense to subject an animal to unnecessary stress.

Interested hamster, put in a bowl of your favorite snacks – a slice of Apple or fruit. Rodent will climb inside to eat. You then gently rotate to demonstrate the pet how it works, this "miracle device". Cry, noise, sudden movements in this case is contraindicated – this will complicate the training process. Such manipulations need to be repeated as long as the baby does not understand the principle of operation of the accessory.

Important: if the animal walk was organized by the children, make sure they just pulled the animal out of the ball.

Rules of use:

  1. Tightly close the door so baby don't run away.
  2. Balls for hamsters should only roll on the floor. You can't roll on high surfaces, for example, table, windowsill – pet may fall.
  3. Before releasing the pet for a walk, once again take care of security: limit access to stairs and other surfaces on which the accessory can slide.
  4. Remove other animals: walking dogs and cats can scare the puppy and interested "new toy" kick him, roll in different directions.
  5. No need to kick balls for the hamsters to put them into action hamsters should own.
  6. One ball at a time can walk only one hamster.

If you act according to rules, you and the little one will love this walk. Remember that the important thing, safety. Not worth the risk, leaving in the same room as a cat and hamster, referring to the fact that the ball will protect the baby from danger. Syrian and Djungarian breed quickly learn the "travel" in this accessory and in this great merit of the hosts – familiarity with the ball was correct, security was provided.

The correct selection and use of walking hamster ball
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