Cleaning hamster cages

Cleaning the hamster cage – an integral part of care for a hamster of any breed.But on the other hand cleaning hamster cages is stressful, because the baby "restore order" in the home to your taste.

Hamster concerned about all that is wrong: he doesn't like the permutation, and the fact that part of the reserves are gone. Each owner must decide how often to clean the cage of the hamster and find a middle ground so as not to harm the pet and not to tolerate the unpleasant smell.

Cleaning hamster cages is carried out every 2-3 weeks. Hamster is stressful to minimise it, you need to know the inner workings of the home. In the apartment people, housing, rodent is divided into zones: in one corner a toilet, another bedroom, also have space for training and eating. A special place is reserved for the pantry holds supplies of food, to destroy them is to doom the baby to serious stress. If you compare with man, this is like robbery. Therefore, to remove odors and restore order, only need to remove spoiled food. If in a cage inhabited by several Pets, it is not necessary to move their stocks.

Important cleaning steps dwelling rodent

Cleaning hamster cages begins with the fact that the owner removes the animal. To put it in a safe place so it doesn't run off. For this purpose, the carrier or the Bank. To start changing the bedding, you will do it so as not to destroy the constructions of the animal or do it at a minimum.

The pallet is washed under clean running water. If the pollution is serious, you can use baby detergent or shampoo for hamsters. With detergents need to be careful not to cause the animal allergic reaction.

You must know how to wash a hamster cage, house for sleeping and the dishes: feeder, drinking bowl. The main rule is to do it manually with brushes. After everything is washed, wipe dry. Then change the litter. The smell of a rodent have not disappeared completely, leave some of the old chips.

The care cell is not the end, wipe the rods clean with a damp cloth. The cleaning service takes place properly, pay attention to every device, wipe the wheel, mazes, ladders. Wooden accessories rubbed with a brush, clean rag or cloth without the use of detergents, since baby chews them. If you decide to clean the cage, don't forget to wash the drinking bowl and fill it with clean water.

What to pay attention?

You already know how to clean the cage of a hamster, but there are several points that you need to pay attention to:

  1. The dirty litter and the accumulation of excrement. These areas need to be cleaned more thoroughly.
  2. To remove the remnants of feed scattered around the cage.
  3. If the walls are dirty, carefully wipe them.
  4. The unpleasant smell of the home can not fill in fresheners, you just need to more thoroughly wash the pan, dry and ventilated.

Before cleaning you need to prepare the necessary equipment:

  • clean cloth;
  • gentle disinfectant, which you can edit the cell, for example, soap (bleach cannot be used, otherwise the hamster can get poisoned and die);
  • clean litter (shavings/special filler/clean wipes).

It is very important to wash everything in the home, even if outwardly the accessories clean. They can be spray, diluted with water, detergent, or soda solution, then rinse in water flow and dry.

The cell is faster to dry under direct solar rays, in addition, it is a good disinfectant. Assemble and install accessories only after all is clean and dry.

Now you know how to clean the hamster cage so that the stress from the procedure was minimal. The harvesting procedure is almost the same for different types of Djungarian and Syrian kids equally do not like it when we touch their reserves. The only difference is that gungari more aggressive so be careful – pet may be offended, and if possible to bite your finger.

Cleaning hamster cages
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Such a small cage . How little filler. The animal cannot dig burrows and forced to sit on plastic. I am horrified by this treatment of animals.